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Keep Cool - Keep Moving!

Creating the energy you need becomes more difficult as your body temperature rises.

Cooling mechanisms, e.g. sweating and panting are meant to bring body temperature back down to normal, but these ‘heat-loss mechanisms’ are often impaired in people with MS.

Exposing the body to even small increase in temperature can make MS symptoms worse, and heat-related problems can occur.

To avoid feeling weak and drained of energy, consider ways in which you can keep your body temperature down. Think 'keep cool to keep moving' and follow the simple tips listed below.

Cool tips - everyday changes

• wear light-coloured, cotton clothing

• keep your head covered

• avoid direct sunlight

• look for air-conditioned places

• increase your fluid intake

• keep a hand-held mini-fan in your bag

Cool tips - planning ahead

• avoid hot environments

• avoid long car trips

Cool tips - emergency overheating

• carry cool gel-packs

• moisten clothing using a water spray

• cool your legs gradually to cool the rest of your body