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Interferon beta-1b user guide

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) who are using Interferon beta-1b now have an easier, more convenient way to administer their medication thanks to a new injection system.

The new Interferon beta-1b injection system is designed to better meet the needs of individual patients and optimise their treatment.

It is:

The changes may also give patients more time as there are fewer steps to prepare the injection, and the ease-of-use may inspire confidence, lowering injection anxiety.

Interferon beta-1b is still the same as we have not changed the medication itself.

The first improvement is the new multipack with 15 single-use packs, each containing everything you need for your injection (i.e. your Interferon beta-1b vial, the new syringe with solvent, a new Mixject® adapter with a pre-attached needle, and two alcohol swabs). The convenience of having all necessary elements for your Interferon beta-1b injection packed together in just one small pack will help you not to forget anything, especially when travelling.

The second improvement is the new 3-way adapter with the syringe already safely pre-attached, requiring fewer steps to dissolve your Interferon beta-1b powder. This change simplifies the whole process.

The third improvement is the new 30G needle you will be using for your Interferon beta-1b injections from now on. This is the thinnest needle available for the treatment of MS with injections under the skin.

A dedicated Interferon beta-1b nurse will assist you with the switch from the old to the new injection system.

We have also developed a range of other therapy aids to make things even more comfortable. So please be sure to ask your nurse about these.

On the next pages you will find all the answers that you might have concerning the new system.