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Questions and answers

What features of the new injection system increase handling safety?

What has been done to lower injection site pain?

What features of the new injection system increase convenience?

Why is the new Betaject® Lite bigger than the previous one?

The overall size of the Betaject® Lite is proportional to the diameter of the backstop and plunger of the syringe.

Both the backstop and plunger size were increased to improve handling when dissolving the drug. This safety modification led to the autoinjector becoming bigger.

Why is the needle cap twice as long as the needle itself?

In order to insert the needle into the autoinjector with the cap on and take the cap off when the injector is closed. The longer needle cap also ensures that the needle is not touched when the cap is removed, preserving its sterility.

Why does the manufacturer of Interferon beta-1b not offer prefilled syringes?

In order to offer a syringe prefilled with Interferon beta-1b in solution, the chemical change that is required entails more problems than advantages:

Why does the injection system come in single packages?

Convenience for people on the move! The entire contents are easily transportable.

Why are the plunger and backstop bigger?

For easier preparation of the solution.

What are the advantages of the 90o angle construction of the adapter?

Since the needle is now only used during injection, the 90° angle is necessary for the dissolving process.

Previously, when the needle was part of the dissolution process, a thin coating of Interferon beta-1b solution would get on the needle surface. Now the needle surface remains dry and pristine. The new “plug and play” system also minimises accidental spills of Interferon beta-1b solution.

Why must autoinjectors not come into contact with water?

The spring that initiates the injection is metal and contact with water could cause rust.

What are the unique features of Betaject® Lite?

Betaject® Lite is smaller, therefore more convenient for travelling, and has the ergonomic rubber coating for better grip.

Why do injections with the new autoinjectors take longer than before?

First of all, a thinner needle is used in the new system and it simply takes longer to press the same amount of liquid through a narrower needle.

How can I change the depth of injection on my autoinjector?

When injecting with an autoinjector (standard injection depth is 12 mm) the injection depth can be changed according to the patient’s needs to 10 mm and in rare cases also to 8 mm. However, the change of depth adjuster requires extra parts which are not supplied with the pack and should only be performed by a healthcare professional.

When should I decrease the depth of injection?

This applies to persons who are very slim. The depth of injection is chosen to be as deep as possible into the skin to have a high chance of placing the drug where it should be. Please discuss the depth of injection with your doctor or nurse.

How long can I use the autoinjectors?

Betaject® Lite can be used for up to 550 injections.

Why do I have to insert the syringe into Betaject® Lite with the needle cap attached ?

To ensure that you do not hurt yourself or touch the needle. The needle needs to stay sterile.

The needle cap has been designed using special material so that pulling off the cap is very easy.