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Interferon beta-1b

Until the ’60s, very little was known about MS and how to treat it. A new era dawned when Interferon beta-1b became the first drug to be approved on July 23, 1993 for treatment of people with relapsing-remitting MS. This pioneering approval in the US was followed by an approval in the European Union in 1995, and today Interferon beta-1b is one of the most widely prescribed medications for MS.

In 1999, it also became the first available treatment for the secondary progressive type of MS in the EU. Since its launch, Interferon beta-1b has proven to be safe in studies with over 2,200 patients and a total of more than 100,000 users worldwide. This has led to the collection of a great deal of data confirming the long term benefits, efficacy and safety of Interferon beta-1b in many people with different types of MS.

Interferon beta-1b provides the benefits of an effective high-dose, high-frequency interferon-beta MS treatment, while providing the comfort and convenience of a refrigeration-free, non-acidic formulation which may help to minimize stinging on injection.

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