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Table of contents

  1. MS-Gateway membership
  2. Community
  3. MS-Gateway forums
  4. BETAPLUS program
  5. Accessibility statement

1. MS-Gateway membership

About the MS-Gateway community

Are you living with multiple sclerosis and looking to exchange information and ideas with people in the same situation? Then you are in the right place at MS-Gateway! Meet and discuss living and working with MS with other MS patients in our online community. Participation is free, you just need to register.
Membership puts you in direct contact with other people with MS, their family members, carers and physicians. You can ask questions on any MS-related issue, make new contacts and generally benefit from the knowledge and experience of other users. You will receive a monthly newsletter and information specially compiled for people living with MS. Interferon beta-1b users will also receive information about and access to a dedicated range of services; your community login is all you need!

Community topics

MS-Gateway topics are constantly on the agenda in the discussion forums. The exchange and discussions revolve around, for example, dealing with MS, forms of treatment, partnership and family questions, legal questions, nutrition and aids, clinics and physicians, leisure and hobbies, training and careers.

Can I log in to other country MS-Gateway communities?

Yes, you can use your MS-Gateway login data to access all other country communities. This means you can contact people in your situation across the world, and see whether MS experiences vary from country to country.

What happens to my data within MS-Gateway?

Data collected for MS-Gateway online services is stored centrally and is only used in the context of activities between Bayer Schering Pharma and MS-Gateway users. Bayer Schering Pharma commits to adhere to the valid data protection laws. The data stored on the MS-Gateway server is only used for the purposes of the community and is not passed on to third parties.
Postings written in the forums are not deleted if you rescind your membership. However, once you leave the community, the link to your membership profile will be missing because this is deactivated when you leave. Also, other members can read postings and the corresponding (cancelled) authors’ names.

How do I cancel my membership?

Members who do not wish to continue their membership of MS-Gateway, or who disagree with our rules, can easily deactivate their MS-Gateway registration. Use the link >End membership< in your member profile. Once you have left the community, the deleted profile cannot be reactivated.



Registration and login

Participation in the MS-Gateway community requires simple registration. As well as basic data collected voluntarily, some personal data is required that can be viewed by other community members in the form of a community profile. This allows other members to better assess you and your postings. The information from your profile that will be published is shown in a preview of the form.
You must enter a valid e-mail address, however this address is not displayed anywhere.

Once your registration is completed successfully, the system sends a message to this e-mail address telling you your temporary password. You can change the password later in your profile.
Only once you have confirmed your registration are you a member of MS-Gateway and can log in to the community. Enter your access data (user name and password) into the login area on the right hand side of the website.

What are cookies and why do I need them?

This platform uses cookies to store the following information: date of your last visit (to show new entries since that time), your user name (to greet you with your own personal settings) and a unique identifier when you log in. We all know that the simple things make life easier. If your browser does not support cookies or if cookies are turned off, the functions described will not work correctly.
Cookies cannot spy on your system, nor can they make changes to your system. When you log out using the >Logout< button, the cookie is deleted.

Member ranking (stars etc.)

As in most communities, members of MS-Gateway receive or “earn” a different status via automatic ranking depending on their activity:

No stars: New member, registered for less than 4 weeks
1 star: 1-5 postings, registered for more than 4 weeks
2 stars: 6-80 postings, registered for more than 4 weeks
3 stars: more than 80 postings, registered for more than 1 year
Crown: more than 250 postings, registered for more than 2 years

Profile and settings

You can access your profile at any time via the relevant link, and can edit all profile data. The template is divided into the following areas: master data, personal profile, Betatext, photo, settings, change password, end membership. Click on the relevant link to manage your profile settings such as your personal signature, time zone and Betatext service.

How does the Betatext SMS service work?

Using the Betatext SMS service you can receive reminders via SMS for your next Interferon beta-1b injection and the next time your prescription is due to be picked up. You can also subscribe to our news service. In your profile you can see a link to configure your mobile number and your reminder function as well as other services. After each action you receive a SMS to your mobile. If you enter your mobile number, make sure to enter it in international format (don’t forget the country code)!

Friends and contact requests

Your friends are your personal contacts within the community. You can add a member to your friends list or remove them from your list. To add a member to your list, click in their profile on >Add to friends<. Your contact person immediately receives an automatic notification and can confirm your contact request. Only after this is confirmed will you find this person in your friends list. When you are online in the community you will be notified when your “friend” is online at the same time.

Friends search

You have the option of searching the entire list of members for keywords, as well as searching for specific members, for example from your region or with the same interests. You can also search member lists for other MS-Gateway countries.

Mailbox function

As an MS-Gateway member you have access to a personal mailbox with two functions, receive messages and reply to messages. Sent and received messages are only stored for 28 days. We therefore recommend that you copy any important messages within this time. Mailbox options: reply and delete postings. You receive an automatic notification by e-mail when you have received a message. You can send messages to discussion participants using a button in the recipient’s user profile or directly in the forum. You can make a setting in your profile so that only friends can send you personal messages.


3. MS-Gateway forums

Who can write postings in the forum?

All registered MS-Gateway members can post in the forums, if they are logged into the website.

How can I reply to a topic?

To reply to a posting, go to the topic and click on the link >Reply<.

Can I change my postings?

You can edit your postings at any time, as long as there are no other replies. Just go to your posting. On the right, next to your posting, you can see the link >Edit<. Click on this link. A window opens where you can change your posting. Only the author, administrators and moderators can edit a posting.
You can delete your own postings as long as there are no replies. You cannot delete original topics yourself, please contact a moderator.

How can I search for specific topics?

You can search for specific words in postings or in the subject line of postings. Use the “Search forum” link in the upper left of the forums.

How do I know that someone has replied to my postings?

When you begin a new topic, you can sign up to receive automatic notification of replies by e-mail. When you open a new topic, simply activate the checkbox >E-mail notification<.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows visitors to a website to “subscribe” to specific content within that website.
New website contents (e.g. new postings in a forum) load themselves automatically onto RSS subscribers’ computers after they are published. RSS subscribers automatically receive the most up-to-date contents of the website easily and can view them in their own browser, or can even transfer them to their own website.
MS-Gateway currently offers visitors the option of subscribing to the latest postings in a public forum as an RSS feed. You can find the link to the relevant feed in the forum, at the end of the topic overview.


4. BETAPLUS program

About MS-Gateway BETAPLUS program

BETAPLUS® is a free information service on the website available exclusively to Interferon beta-1b users. In the password-protected area BETAPLUS, members can obtain answers to your most important questions about Interferon beta-1b therapy and access to supporting materials and services.

How do I become a BETAPLUS member?

To log in to the BETAPLUS area, you need a user account for MS-Gateway (“Register” button on the right hand side of the website, if you are not registered), and you need to enter the Interferon beta-1b login code for this protected area in your member profile. Of course, we cannot publish this code on the website, but you can read it on your medication packets: it’s the number that starts with "EU/" and contains a total of four forward slashes.

How do I cancel my BETAPLUS membership?

You can end your BETAPLUS membership at any time. Either deactivate BETAPLUS membership in your member profile or cancel your membership of MS-Gateway.


5. Accessibility statement

Scalable font size

The font size for this website can be scaled using your browser according to your own personal needs. For example, in Internet Explorer you reach the relevant option using the “View” menu and “font size”. Other browsers have similar functions. Simply look at the help function of your browser for specific information.

“Skip links”

“Skip links” have been built into the beginning of each document on this website. These are hidden links to specific sections of the document, and are mainly useful for screenreaders or smaller displays. Using these links it is possible, for example, to skip navigation on a page and go directly to the content. Currently under discussion is whether these links should be shown for all users or whether they remain hidden for graphics browsers. MS-Gateway will continue this discussion for a period of time before they possibly restructure the pages.


MS-Gateway relies on Web standards and attempts to deliver valid code across the entire page. Loading times are reduced, ease-of-use increased, and accessibility improved.

Older browser versions

This website is structured using CSS, which is only rarely supported by older browsers and can cause strange displays of the information. The page can still be used, but we would recommend you install a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

Text-based browser

By implementing “skip links” and other technical features, MS-Gateway wants to ensure that even users with text-based browsers are not prevented from using MS-Gateway. Additionally, contents are structured in such a way that they are easy to enter using a text browser.