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MS Gallery − Eveline

“Do your best, and take each day as it comes. I’d like to tell people they must not give up.”


Age: 43
Hometown: Bünzen, Switzerland
Onset of symptoms: 2000
First symptom experienced: Loss of vision
Diagnosed: 2001
Started treatment: 2001

In 2000, Eveline noticed she had trouble seeing out of one eye. Several tests, including an MRI, revealed very little. But when the problem progressed to the other eye, Eveline went back to see a neurologist, who diagnosed her with MS. “For the first time I was totally stunned. I couldn’t face up to it and couldn’t comprehend what it meant for me or what consequences it would have.”

At the time, Eveline was busy caring for her ailing husband and wasn’t sure how her new diagnosis would affect the family. She was lucky that her husband and three teenage daughters (one of them pictured here) were completely supportive. “The family became closer because of my MS. Everyone helped me out as much as they could. Even my mom helped us out.”

Unfortunately, some of Eveline’s friends who were not educated about MS distanced themselves. “I don’t know why because I didn’t really change.”

For Eveline, there was no reason why she shouldn’t live a full and active life. The treatment her doctor prescribed “has certainly changed the course of events, as I probably would have had more episodes.”

Although Eveline still deals with fatigue and leg pain, she remains positive and determined. “Do your best, and take each day as it comes. I’d like to tell people they must not give up – that’s why it’s great to take part in an educational campaign like this.”