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Photographer's Vision

“I have always believed that art should be used to change the world...”

It is my vision that the portraits in "The Image of MS" book will help change public perceptions that people with multiple sclerosis, or MS, lack independence or strength. People with MS are your nextdoor neighbors and your co-workers. They are ordinary people who, despite having a sometimes debilitating disease, manage to live normal and active lives.

I have always believed that art should be used to change the world. MS remains a mystery to the public at large, so this program was an opportunity to capture the real face of people living with the disease. I have learned that MS is a disease that affects everyone who lives with it differently. However, everyone I photographed had one thing in common – a truly inspiring approach to life. I was overwhelmed by their hope and courage. I sincerely hope that readers take away a little bit of inspiration from the participants about adapting to life's challenges and overcoming them.

The people pictured in this book hope that through their participation, they can change others' misconceptions into understanding. I am honored to be part of that transformation.

– Joyce Tenneson