BETAFERON: Introduction


BETAFERON (interferon beta-1b) was the first therapy approved for the treatment of MS in 1993 [1]. Its introduction fundamentally changed the MS treatment paradigm [2,3].

  • For patients, treatment evolved from symptomatic management into long-term therapy aiming to modify their disease.
  • For neurologists, the role changed from passively watching and waiting for disease progression to proactively treating the underlying disease.

Furthermore, the introduction of disease-modifying therapies contributed considerably to the understanding of the immune-related mechanisms underpinning MS [2]. For instance, it became increasingly apparent that MS damages the whole brain and that the damage begins from the start of the disease [4]. As a result, leading guidelines advocate today that MS patients should begin treatment early in the disease course to maximize brain health [5,6].


Mode of action of BETAFERON in MS

Clinical studies evaluating BETAFERON

BETAFERON long-term data

BETAFERON clinical experience and safety




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