Transition between RRMS and SPMS



The transition period between RRMS and SPMS is loosely defined [1]. A study largely looking into this phase of MS is the European Betaferon trial in secondary progressive MS [2]. About 70% of patients in this study (n=718) had superimposed relapses on their progressive phase at study entrance [2]. The study achieved positive results in favor of Betaferon treatment across the spectrum of clinical and MRI outcomes [2] and led to the approval of Betaferon as a treatment for secondary progressive MS with superimposed relapses [2,3].


Patients on Betaferon compared to placebo had:

  • a 1.6 times lower probability of disability progression [2]
  • a 1.5 times lower probability of becoming wheelchair bound [2]
  • about 33% fewer relapses [4]
  • about 65-78% fewer newly active lesions (months 1-6 and 19-24) [2].



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