BETAFERON: Mode of action


As patients become clinically more vulnerable, how a DMT works may become increasingly relevant [1]. In preclinical studies, Betaferon, a member of the cytokine family, has shown to possess antiviral [2], anti-inflammatory [3] and immunoregulatory activities [2]. In MS, Betaferon modulates the immune system at many levels [2] and so differs from classes of therapies which essentially target one immunological pathway [3].

A simplified illustration of the immunopathogenesis of MS [3-6] and an overview of the pleiotropic mechanism of action of interferon beta in MS is provided in the general section about Betaferon on this website . The exact mechanisms of interferon beta in MS remain uncertain [3,7].


With a broad mechanism of action, Betaferon may be a valuable treatment option for patients with MS as they become clinically more vulnerable [3,8,9].


Mode of action of BETAFERON in MS


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