BETAPLUS – a comprehensive patient support program


BETAPLUS aims to encourage adherence in patients taking BETAFERON.


Adherence to medication is critical to ensure the effectiveness of healthcare [1]. Unfortunately, poor adherence to therapeutic regimens is widespread among patients with MS [1,2]. Evidence suggests that mode of administration is not a barrier to adherence [2-4]; instead, supportive strategies can have a strong influence [2,5]. Shared effort, a multi-disciplinary team approach and patient support programs have been shown to positively influence adherence [2,6-9].


BETAFERON’s patient support program BETAPLUS offers a variety of services to help promote adherence, including:


  • BETA nurses: nursing professionals specially trained to support MS patients taking BETAFERON throughout their entire treatment journey
  • Patient information materials such as training leaflets or videos
  • Modern autoinjectors including BETACONNECT


Patient services and their features may vary from country to country. Please contact your local Bayer affiliation for more details. 



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