MS and pregnancy – viewpoints of MS experts from around the world


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MS is typically diagnosed in young women of childbearing age, making pregnancy a highly relevant topic. Patients can benefit from proactive counseling from their neurologist before, during and after the pregnancy.

Here we present the viewpoints of MS experts from around the world on the practical management of pregnancy and pregnancy-related topics in patients with MS.

Prof. Dr. Jelena Drulovic

MS and pregnancy: Patient encouragement from both health-care provider and family is very important!

Prof. Drulovic is from Belgrade University and is Head of the largest academic MS center in Serbia. In this interview, she discusses the most common questions MS patients ask regarding family planning and the importance of patient encouragement from both healthcare provider and family.

Prof. Dr. Jelena Drulovic

Registry data, the recently updated European BETAFERON label and what it means in clinical practice

In this issue, Prof. Drulovic shares her insights into the newly formulated section on pregnancy and breastfeeding in the European BETAFERON product information and what the update means in terms of patient management.

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Hellwig

Pregnancy and BETAFERON: An expert‘s perspective


Prof. Hellwig from Bochum, Germany highlights the latest recommendations from published academic guidelines as well as the outcomes of pregnancies exposed to BETAFERON from the Bayer Pharmacovigilance Database.

Dr. Girolama Alessandra Marfia

MS and pregnancy: The importance of proactive counseling


Dr. Marfia from Rome, Italy raises awareness on the importance of proactive counseling of patients with MS on all aspects around MS and pregnancy as well as the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dr. Girolama Alessandra Marfia

MS, pregnancy and breastfeeding counseling in the treatment era

In this issue, Dr. Marfia focuses on counseling and recommendations for patients who want to become pregnant or who ask whether they should breastfeed or not. She also summarizes the results of pregnancies exposed to IFNB being comparable with those of the general population. Moreover, she refers to the newly updated text of the pregnancy and breastfeeding product information of interferon beta therapies like BETAFERON.

Prof. Dr. Raed Alroughani

MS and pregnancy: An expert opinion on patient counseling and treatment considerations

Prof. Alroughani speaks about his recommendations for females with MS who are planning to become pregnant as well as for those who unintentionally become pregnant while on interferon beta therapy. He then summarizes the recently published results of pregnancies exposed to interferon beta therapies, in particular BETAFERON. Read more about his recommendations based on the latest evidence from clinical datasets showing no association between interferon beta exposure and adverse pregnancy outcomes.